About us

The company prüfbau

prüfbau is a globally leading company for machine and special equipment construction with high customer focus, intensive development and a variety of different, innovative products. Prüfbau guarantees reliability, innovative capacity and long-time experience in a variety of applications for the electronic, fine mechanic and optoelectronic production.

prüfbau is a specialist in applying, transferring and processing of layers, especially of thinnest layers in any number of different processes.
Analytical devices and special printing machines as well as production lines for the production of security products (ID-cards, passports, security documents, electronic systems) are part of the manufacturing program.

Qualified employees

Our qualified employees take always highest responsibility in obliging consultation and in support for the application of prüfbau’s technologies. Experts are available anytime for consultation and support. Different application-technical and physical laboratories are standing by. Different product lines require professional competence of different technical, scientific and economic sectors.

Range of products

prüfbau’s range of products offers multiple solutions for known problems and is often the basis for complete new systems. Prüfbau manufactures more than 80 different special-measuring devices. In more than 130 countries prüfbau products benefit the clients by a high innovative capacity, robustness and advanced technology. The guarantee of constant advancement and research are for the clients of high collective and economic interest.