Graphic Industry

Contact Area Measuring Device

The Device was developed to measure the contact area which substrates generate under the influence of different contact pressures.

Evaluation Software

Powerful and versatile image analysis tool encompassing image analysis on high resolution scans.


prüfbau offers workshops, tailored to company’s needs. Our designed workshop supervisors are always able to fully cater to individual problems.


prüfbau provides active cooperation in project-oriented committees. A further field is the cooperation with companies and clients.

Sheet former

pruefbau offers equipment for rapid productions of wood pulp, mechanical pulp, composites, and paper stock inspection sheets.


Testing system for the determination of adhesion- and cohesion-forces of thin and flowable media in a dynamic transfer process.

Tack Measurement

The INKOMAT 200 T is a tack-measuring device for use in research and development, in quality assurance and production control.

Glue Line Resistance

The prüfbau XT 3 enables to test objectively the strength of a glue line for corrugated board packages to control the manufacturing process.

Scoring Testing Device

A precision laboratory device for the production of creasing in material particularly in cardboard, board, paper and compound material.

Folding Testing Device

The prüfbau FG II Precision Folding Device was developed to perform laboratory folds under defined conditions.

Blocking Test Device

Developed for testing the blocking behaviours of inks and varnishes in dependence of substrates to be printed (papers, foils etc.).

Rub-off Testing Device

The prüfbau Quartant Abrasion Tester was developed for the testing of printed matter and similar materials.

Digital Printing

prüfbau multipurpose printability testing machines for digital printing and digital inkjet printing. A fascinating tool and instrument for the testing…

Drying Time Testing Device

Designed to determine the absorption behaviour and drying time of inks on printed paper, carton, plastic or metal foils.