prüfbau Dr.-Ing. Herbert Dürner GmbH develops and produces measuring devices and machines for special purposes. Many dedicated and creative employees are active in different fields since decades. The solution of technical challenging tasks requires a high qualification, effort and courage to deal with new technologies. Probably your job experience doesn’t always match perfectly but nevertheless you are welcome as a partner and colleague. Following divisions offer chances. Please apply for a position in written form if you’d like to help making our products leading as well in future.

  • Following divisions would be interesting for me:
  • Construction mechanics
  • Construction electronics
  • International customer service
  • Administration
  • International purchase
  • Technology
  • Research and development
  • Laboratory and application technics
  • Physical basic development
  • Research in optical systems
  • Production in optics, electronics, mechanics

prüfbau cooperates traditionally and frequently with research institutes and universities. Please apply in written form if you are interested in a bachelor- and master thesis in the fields of physics, chemistry, manufacturing systems engineering, electronics or optics. We guarantee interesting tasks and we wish us good ideas, effort and authority.

prüfbau produces all products by itself. The products can only be as good as the product idea, the construction, the production and the service. If you’d like to educate yourself in line with a practical please apply in written form.
You can find many job descriptions like: mechatronics engineer, electronic technician, optician, industrial mechanics, precision mechanics, mechanical engineer, programmer etc.