prüfbau provides active cooperation in project-oriented committees of well-known research institutes like Fogra (Research Institute for Printing Industry) or PTS (Research Institute for Paper and Pulp Industry). The research projects are supported by valuable input coming from our experience of internal research or by the supply of testing equipment.

A further field of prüfbau’s activity is the cooperation with companies and clients when ever it is necessary to work out solutions in case of individual problems. Problem analysis is done and strategies for testing procedures are developed for being able to offer solutions. The required test series can either worked out in our laboratories or in attendance in customer’s laboratories. The evaluation as well as the presentation of results is done by prüfbau.

Projects and special purpose machine construction

Thanks to the long-time collaboration of qualified engineers and technicians, prüfbau disposes of a wide technological base and wide experience in machine construction.

Through own fabrication using CAD-CAM, production of own control- and steering electronics, the production of fine mechanic and optical components, software programming and the expertise in different, industrial sectors prüfbau is able to develop and deliver special purpose machines.

Special constructions in the scope of security related issues are highly appreciated by clients. As a security checked family enterprise absolute loyalty is guaranteed.