Contact Area Measuring Device

prüfbau Contact Area Measuring Device (KAM)

The pat. reg. prüfbau Contact Area Measuring Device (KAM) and the corresponding software was developed to measure the contact area, which substrates generate under the influence of different contact pressures when being pressed against a light-conducting surface. Equally the plasticity of substrates under different pressures can be investigated.
The measurement considers the topography of the substrate surface, which also enters into the result. The measuring procedure is therefore especially suitable for the differentiation of smooth materials, papers and substrates. This is up to now not ensured with other smoothness testing systems. The testing device is also frequently used for the qualification of banknotes. Together with the prüfbau security-fibre-testing device properties and quality requirements for banknotes can be determined and followed consequently.

The prüfbau Contact Area Measuring Device is part of the test run: Determination of surface properties – coating, printing – measuring of the result.

The device can be found in the production of synthetic material, membranes, papers, boards and other materials.