prüfbau Blocking Test Device

The prüfbau Blocking Test Device was developed for testing the blocking behaviours of inks and varnishes in dependence of substrates to be printed (papers, foils etc.).
Both laboratory prints and prints coming from the print or print finishing production can be investigated.
The blocking tests can be carried out in standard atmosphere or as an tightened inspection in a drying oven up to 100 °C.
By addition of a defined amount of fluid (e. g. water) between the layers to be tested it is also possible to test wet-blocking-tendencies.

Amongst others this test is applicable for following materials:

  • Sheet-offset-inks
  • Heatset-web-offset inks
  • UV-inks
  • Oil based varnishes
  • Water based varnishes
  • UV-varnishes
  • Reasonable combinations of above mentioned materials

Two basic models are available. The previous version has an integrated round sample cutter and a testing area of 2 cm². The updated model has a testing area of 6 cm², the round sample cutter can be purchased optionally. Different models with different contact pressures are available.