prüfbau production

prüfbau produces all required components in optics, electronics, fine mechanics and mechanics by itself. For that purpose a multiplicity of machines and devices are available. Please contact us in case of questions for our production facilities.

Subsequently some examples of our manufacturing facilities in more than 50 CNC machining centres and special manufacturing machines:

In Mechanics:

  • Fully automatic shape-cutting machines in milling, 5-spindle processors in turning, automats for plain turning, automatic placement, drilling processors.
  • Laser machines
  • Punch presses, nibblers
  • Cylindrical-, flat-, internal grinding, centre-less grinding.

In Electronics:

  • Placement machines
  • Cable harness production
  • Conductor board and circuit board production
  • Production of electronic/electric assembly groups

In Optics:

  • Production techniques for glass working
  • Polishing machines
  • Lens- and objective lens survey
  • Volute production
  • Special mirror production

In surface treatment:

  • Polishing
  • Varnishing
  • Coating
  • Vibratory grinding
  • Rubbing

In production control:

  • Automatic 3-D measuring systems
  • Extensive measuring- and testing systems
  • Diverse testing devices