prüfbau Holographic Systems

prüfbau is offering professional solutions in practical holography, e. g. the production of holographic diffusion screens and associated optical systems.
As a proven collaborator prüfbau disposes of long-term experience in different optical and industrial applications for research and industry.

prüfbau is developing and manufacturing optical elements, holograms, hologram masters, holographic volume gratings, precision surfaces, cylindric surface mirrors and manufactures exposure machines for the laboratory and production.

From the idea of application to its development and manufacturing, all work steps can be realised in-house. We would be glad to support you with the best solutions for your optical demands in following sectors: automotive, security document production, in graphics and in product identity assurance.

For more information, references, the utilization of our laboratories, the possibilities of finest mechanical and optical treatment, our possibilities for sputtering, the available laser-lines, etc. as well as free available products please contact us anytime.