Service & Repair

prüfbau Service & Repair, prufbau Service & Calibration

prüfbau products, machines, systems and devices are produced with highest carefulness. Almost all mechanical, electronic and optic-electronical components and parts are are own developments and are manufactured in Germany at our own plants.

prüfbau products exist for more than 50 years – often, lots of prüfbau machines and instruments are still in use after decades. To keep accuracy, product value and function, regular maintenance is recommended. Also calibration and adjustments should be made for best performance. All individual products, even the same product type does have its own manufactureing datas, tolerances and adjustment requirements. For a correct calibration and spare part supply this datas are saved at the prüfbau product service center and will be essential for a correct work. Our qualified service staff will have this datas available. Without the datas repairs and calibration and therefore correct measurements (for example according to ISO) will be impossible.

prüfbau gurantees for all products ever delivered spare part supply, maintenance, training and service. Our very skilled and qualified engineers are available around the globe. Please contact us for any questions and information.

prüfbau delivers a wide range of wear and tear parts and also accessories for all of our products. Repair and service work is available world-wide -for general overhauls and if it is possible and prefered, instruments and products can be shipped for repair to our service and repair center in Munich, Tokyo or Chicago. Please contact us.

(For all prufbau Products, Machines, Printability Tester Calibration etc.)

You can reach our customer service by email or by telephone ++49 8803 3011