Printability Testing Systems / Offfset

prüfbau Multipurpose Printability Testing Instrument MZ II and MZ E

The prüfbau Printability Testing Systems are powerful laboratory-scale measurement and analysis tools that emulate the full-scale chemical-physical printing process. These tools are extremely fast, with the ability to proximate the process closely. They provide research and development groups the flexibility to rapidly create various operating test conditions in the laboratory thus circumventing expensive field trials. The prüfbau testing systems have integrated various printing operations into a single instrument that provides a duplication of the entire process. This integration of the printing steps allows very economical laboratory investigation of the printing components performance under simulated field conditions. With all of this, prüfbau machines have unrivalled ergonomics. prüfbau spends a considerable amount on research and the development of new testing systems. prüfbau has developed their own powerful drive concepts, extremely reliable printing units, and flexible digital control that permit the user free selection of printing media.
High quality workmanship is reproduced in all our instruments which results in perfect quality and all our testing systems are guaranteed. All prüfbau instruments are designed in a modular way in order to integrate new methods, processes, and units with ease.

prüfbau intensively co-operates with manufacturers of printing presses as well as the graphic industry to develop new systems. As a result of this co-operation , many important new developments in the graphic arts industry were first tested in laboratories on prüfbau printability testing instruments and then transferred into practice.