Laboratory Rotogravure Press TDR

prüfbau Laboratory Rotogravure Press TDR

prüfbau produces four types of rotogravure-printing testing machines as well as rotogravure application systems for rotogravure presses with a width of 20 cm – 50 cm.
An international well accepted and widely spread device is the prüfbau TDR for the graphic sector.

The prüfbau Laboratory Rotogravure Press TDR was designed to perform rotogravure laboratory prints which match in a high correlation to production prints. It is therefore suitable as well for the quality control in print production as for new developments in material components for rotogravure printing. The construction of the machine allows rotogravure printing tests for determining printability properties for substrates and (mostly low viscosity) inks. The ink transfer on the substrate to be printed takes place under typical printing parameters by a rotation print process using an engraved printing cylinder. The attainable printing results represent the viscous properties of transferred fluids or inks in interactivity with the substrate. They serve therefore as a dimension for printability by free adjustability of printing parameters.

A visual or metrological assessment of the printing quality serves as a base for quality assurance, development and material tests and is fast, independent from expensive production lines and therefore an essential tool. The printing size is: 115 mm x 300 mm, the maximum speed in standard edition is 5 m/s.

Water-based but also alcohol- and toluene-based fluid- or ink systems can be used. A wide range of fitments like an automatic registering, viscosity control, electrostatic charging systems and an inline-substrate drying are given.
The device can be equipped with an ex-protection according requirements and disposes of a corresponding certification.